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Sherwin Willams

Year: 2019, 2021

Client: Sherwin Willams

Role: Art Direction / Design 

Full Credit: Here

Buck has been creating a lovely world full of vibrant colors composed entirely of Sherwin-Willams paint chips since 2009. For each spot, we are challenged to find a fresh way to build/incorporate this paint-chip world. Each prop and character is highly crafted by our fantastic CG team. 

I have art directed and designed on 2 brand spots and 6 sales spots. Here are 2 samples from this portfolio.

01. Hide and Seek (2019)

We were inspired by the Magic Eye posters from the 90s. Each animal is blended in the beautiful paint-chip environment and revealed by the camera movements.

I have contributed to art direction.

02. Color Portal (2020)

The three paint-chips in the opening become a primary color inspiration for the landscapes we explore with the camera. We created some traditional concept arts before diving into the paint chip world to achieve a very controlled and atmospheric sense of color. 

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