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Mailchimp — All in a Days 

Year: 2021

Client: Mailchimp

Role: Art Direction / Design 

Full Credit: Here

Buck partnered with publishing company “It’s Nice That” to create six charming short films for Mailchimp Presents, an entertainment platform celebrating entrepreneurial spirits. We, with our amazing CG team, created a unique blend of 2D animation with the tactility of 3D.

I have contributed to art direction, quality control, and design assets in 2D. The amazing CG team made the designs come alive in the 3D tactile world. 

Watch the full films exclusively on Mailchimp Presents.


18 charming characters. We built a system for the characters’ shape because of production efficiency. There are three key body types and simple, geometric arms and legs. Each character has a unique personality and characterization.

02.Set Designs

This same minimalist, geometric approach is also applied to the set design. The sets are designed to look like miniature stage flats and for a one-camera angle. These graphic sets subtly complement the world of the story by putting the focus on the characters first. They create a visual language for the stop-motion animation style. 

03.Colors & Location

Each episode is set in a different location inspired by global cities such as Tokyo, Brooklyn, and Dubai. We collected a diverse library of references from around the world and developed them into unique color palettes. Therefore, each episode has an authentic feel inspired by the individual location, while keeping a cohesive aesthetic.

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