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Canadian Tire — We Do New

Year: 2018 - 2019

Client: Canadian Tire

Role: Art Direction / Design

Full Credit: Here 

Buck was asked to redefine the iconic Canadian Tire brand. Over the course of a year-long campaign, we proposed an exciting new direction for the brand. The “We Do New” Campaign consists of 5 seasonal spots. Each spot speaks to its branding and different products and is filled with high octane, colorful 3D approaches in conjunction with dry jokes and fun humour.

I have contributed to art direction, concept arts, and quality control. The amazing 3D team made the concept arts come alive in the 3D world. 


Canadian Tire Red and Green are hues unique to this campaign and should live through every episode. Each spot has a unique color palette with red and green at the forefront to bring uniqueness and celebration to our storytelling. 

04.Christmas Lights

This voice and app-controlled system takes a spin on the traditional Christmas lights to make your holiday more vibrant.


This humidifier fills the fall spot with natural foliage and colorful water droplets signifying the changing seasons.


This summer spot reveals the mosquito-repelling superhero machine.

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